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Design & Engineering

Metalplas’ in-house design and engineering capability is one of key strategic strengths. Our heavy investment in state of the art 3D design software equips our design engineers with the tools to reproduce complex design and accurately translate architects’ design concepts into engineering realities.

Through the integration of computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) into our production, we are able to accurately produce parts. This translates into more precise assembly and dimensional control of our finished products.

Indeed, the impossible has now made possible!


The spirit of innovation is very much alive in Metalplas.We are constantly challenging conventional wisdom, exploring new possibilities in metal fabrication techniques, and ceaselessly devising simple and innovative alternatives to creating aesthetically pleasing products for our customers. Through this, we have come up with many unique product, solutions and systems to meet the special needs and application of the elevator and construction industries.

Our proprietary Cliplus System, developed for providing perfectly seamless joints has been modified for use in curved panels; our patented 2-hour Fire-Rated Shuttle System for use in elevator doors has been installed in over 20,000 sets of elevator door in various Housing & Development Board projects. The stainless steel sculptural handrails that we provided for the elevator interiors in the Burj Khalifa are magnificent masterpieces.


Metalplas has been the company of choice for the world’s major elevator companies to furnish their elevators. This has come about because of our superior workmanship, unrivalled experience in handling a wide variety of materials, professionalism, our constant pursuit for design and engineering excellence and our extensive involvement in furnishing some of the most complex and sophisticated lifts that have been conceptualized by the industry’s leading architects for many prestigious projects worldwide.

Backed by an impressive portfolio that includes the Burj Khalifa, Al-Faisaliah, Abu Dhabi Financial Centre and the Beijing TV Building, Metalplas is poised to serve the highly sophisticated segment of the elevator market for years to come.


Mealplas’s experience in escalator cladding extends to the use of many different materials such as stainless steel, printed aluminum, printed steel and glass. In 2000, our Cliplus System was developed for escalator claddings to provide our customers with the advantages of a mechanical fixing system with seamless panel-to-panel joints, quick and easy installation and the versatility for use both indoors and outdoors. This innovative fixing system had been lauded by industry professional as the ideal solution to escalator cladding. To date, Metalplas’ Cliplus System has been installed on more than 3000 escalators worldwide, and counting!

Panels Joined by Cliplus System

Panels Joined by Cliplus System

Architectural Works

Building on the invaluable experience garnered for serving the elevator industry, Metalplas has successfully diversified into the esoteric field of architectural metalwork for the construction industry. Metalplas’ architectural work is a blend of precision engineering and aesthetics. Our expertise includes stainless steel handrails of varying profiles, glass balustrades, stainless steel shopfronts, signages, columns, goalpost, facades, canopies, spiral staircases, monuments, stainless steel panels with exotic patterns and colours and anti-slip stainless steel drain gratings and covers.

Metalplas’s architectural acheivements include supplying over 50,000m of decorative stainless steel exterior fins for the Burj Khalifa, over 26,000m of structural stainless steel handrails to TCS IT Park in Chennai and supplying the impressive 3-D wave-like stainless steel external and internal façade for Mustafa Centre in Singapore.

Other Applications

Owing to Metalplas’s superiority in design & engineering and our strengths in fabrication, we are able to handle client requests that are beyond our usual scope of work. Metalplas has supplied intermediate bulk containers to the pharmaceutical industry, acrylic light features and other lighting solutions acrylic ice features, aluminum and stainless steel doors, monuments and sculptures, kitchen appliances and many others.

Have an idea in mind that you want to turn into reality? We have the solutions and the means to do so!


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